About Me

My journey into Yoga started 20 years ago whilst training as a dancer in London as part of a rigorous fitness and flexibility regime. I quickly discovered that the benefits could extend much much further with the practice of breathing and mindfulness coming into play as I went deeper.

I am now based in the Cotswolds, and, as a qualified yoga instructor, the sessions that I teach include fitness, mobility, meditation and relaxation.

Yoga is a wonderful way to increase strength, extend movement and wind-down from the busy whirlwind we know as life.  I aim for my clients to leave sessions feeling not only fitter but also more centred and relaxed.


I was looking to improve my back as I have a weak lower back and not only have I been able to build core strength and use muscles to aid movement but I have also felt stronger within myself and have been able to use yoga as a tool to relax and battle stress. Helen is a wonderful teacher and has a lovely personality. I would definitely recommend Helen’s classes to anyone looking to improve body flexibility/strength, unwind with gentle exercise or just meet some new people!
— Ellie